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Notice of Compliance

Notice of Complianceby CH4 Gas & Plumbing Have you had your hot water unit replaced recently? Yes I hear you say then did you get your copy of the NOTICE OF COMPLIANCE certificate from the installer A hot water unit installation is classed as MAJOR plumbing work and must have a notice of intention and…

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Perth’s Hard Water

Perth’s Hard Waterby CH4 Gas & Plumbing Perth’s water is hard, some areas seem to be worse than others. So, if you have a storage hot water unit you should check/replace the Anode every few years. These Anodes protect your tank from corrosion, but once depleted the hard water will start to ATTACK the tank.…

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Avoid a Flooded House

Avoid a Flooded Houseby CH4 Gas & Plumbing One of the most common causes of burst water pipes is flexible braided hoses These are used to connect the water pipes to your taps or toilet cisterns, but did you know they are only required to last upto 5 years? “How do I know mine need changing?” …

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The Dreaded Water Hammer

The Dreaded Water Hammerby CH4 Gas & Plumbing Have you been suffering from banging noises around the house when you turn your taps off? This is what’s known in the industry as Water Hammer and most of the time can be solved simply by replacing your tap washers in certain taps like the ones that…

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