The Risks of Buying off the Internet

by CH4 Gas & Plumbing

This Month I was asked by a client to supply a gas line to an outdoor area being built where a decretive fire pit was to be installed, with the gas line now in place I asked for information on the appliance and where did he buy it from. “its coming from the America it cost $1500” was the answer. Unfortunately alarm bells have started ringing when I learned it was coming from abroad.

After a little investigation it was found that this appliance is not AGA (the Australian gas Association) approved. This is the Government organisation that tests and approves appliances for installation in Australia, without the approval and AGA number an appliance cannot be legally installed in Australia. Every Gas Appliance has to have an AGA number to be able to be installed in Australia.  That’s a $1500 Expensive mistake if approval and certification cannot be met.

Before you make that purchase on line check and double check its approved for installation in Australia if you’re unsure contact your local Gas Plumber CH4 Gas & Plumbing for advice.

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