The Importance of Getting your Room Heater Serviced

by CH4 Gas & Plumbing

Its that time of year again when you need to check your room heaters are working correctly before the winter kicks in. If your heater hasn’t been serviced for over 2 years, its time for a check-up. Flued or flueless, these heaters need to be serviced to ensure they are working correctly and safely.

A faulty heater can be a killer, Carbon monoxide is produced when Incomplete combustion occurs in a heater due to things like: –

  • Incorrect air and gas mixture
  • Dirty or blocked burner ports
  • Insufficient or no ventilation
  • Blocked flue or chimney
  • Incorrect burner pressure


All these can be checked when you get your heater serviced by CH4 Gas & Plumbing, don’t take your heater to someone down the road WE will come to you to check every aspect of the heater and how it performs in your Home.


Call CH4 Gas & Plumbing your local Gas Plumber to get your heaters serviced.

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